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July 16, 2007

Neuroptix Announces $1 Million Milestone Payment in Collaboration with Merck & Co., Inc., for Early Detection and Monitoring of Alzheimer’s Disease Process

ACTON, Mass. -- Neuroptix Corporation today announced that it has been granted a $1 million milestone payment under its previously announced Alzheimers Disease diagnostic collaboration with Merck & Co., Inc.

The collaboration, announced in December 2006, calls for Neuroptix to provide Merck with access to its laser eye scanning technologies, which in preclinical studies has detected Alzheimers-related amyloid protein aggregates in the lens of the eye. The quantitative technique has the potential for early detection and monitoring of Alzheimers Disease progression.

We are delighted at the progress currently being made in our diagnostic development work with Merck, said Paul Hartung, President and CEO of Neuroptix. We are looking forward to continued success as we advance the development of our eye test for early detection of Alzheimers Disease, for use in clinical diagnostic settings and for monitoring clinical trials of new Alzheimers drugs in the pipeline.

About Neuroptix Corporation

Neuroptix is creating and developing an innovative, non-invasive eye test to assist in the early diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease. Neuroptixs goal is to provide clinicians with a quick, predictive, reliable, inexpensive and widely available test, enabling early diagnosis and treatment. The company collaborates with major pharmaceutical companies who use Neuroptix technology in development of new Alzheimers drugs, and with academic institutions to promote research in this area.

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