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January 28, 2008

Neuroptix Corp. Announces Addition of Michael Henry and Stephen DiPalma to Board

Life sciences industry veterans join board of pioneer in non-invasive early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease

ACTON, Mass. -- Neuroptix Corporation, a Massachusetts-based pioneer in the early detection of Alzheimers Disease, today announced that longtime life sciences executives Michael W. Henry and Stephen J. DiPalma have joined the companys Board of Directors.

Paul Hartung, President and CEO of Neuroptix Corp. said, We are honored to announce that Michael Henry of Athena Diagnostics and Stephen DiPalma of RXi Pharmaceuticals have joined the Board of Directors at Neuroptix. The company is delighted to have distinguished life sciences executives of their caliber to advise Neuroptix as we move our Alzheimers diagnostic technology into clinical trials.

Michael W. Henry is Vice President, Business Development, at Athena Diagnostics Inc., a specialty brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Mr. Henry has over twenty years of experience in biotechnology business development.

Stephen J. DiPalma is the Chief Financial Officer for RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation, a leader in RNAi therapeutics. Mr. DiPalma has over twenty years of broad experience with emerging life science companies.

Mr. Henry said, It is a pleasure to serve on the Board of a forward-looking company like Neuroptix, which is working to address a key unmet diagnostic need for a growing and underserved population in Alzheimers patients.

Mr. DiPalma said, I am very much looking forward to interesting and exciting developments with regard to Neuroptixs core technology in the near future, and am sure we can expect compelling outcomes in 2008.

About Neuroptix Corporation

Neuroptix is creating and developing an innovative, non-invasive eye test to assist in the early diagnosis of Alzheimers Disease. Neuroptixs goal is to provide clinicians with a quick, predictive, reliable, inexpensive and widely available test, enabling early diagnosis and treatment. The company collaborates with major pharmaceutical companies who use Neuroptix technology in development of new Alzheimers drugs, and with academic institutions to promote research in this area.

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