Welcome to Cognoptix

A simple eye scan to aid in the early diagnosis of a complex and devastating disease - Alzheimer's.

Cognoptix is creating and developing a simple, innovative non-invasive eye scanning test for the early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The key to effective preventive therapy and treatment of Alzheimer’s is the creation of an “early warning system” for the disease, before it progresses to the point where treatment options are limited. Cognoptix’s technology has demonstrated successful preclinical and clinical results as the company develops its diagnostic platform – which consists of a laser eye scanning device combined with an ophthalmic ointment which specifically identifies Alzheimer’s related proteins found in the lens of the eye.

Cognoptix’s goal is to provide clinicians with a reliable, inexpensive and widely available test that can be performed quickly and accurately by a general practitioner in an office setting, to enable swift intervention and ongoing monitoring of patients.

Our Mission: To enable early detection and diagnosis, and objective evaluation of Alzheimer's Disease through predictive, non-invasive laser eye scanning technologies.

The company is interested in partnering with major pharmaceutical companies, licensing its laser eye scanning technology for use in the development of Alzheimer’s drugs, as an enabling technology for patient titration and monitoring in clinical trials.